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A Singular Joy:

LOOK Fabulous Wearing Distinctive Art-To-Wear

FEEL Fabulous Donating to Charity Helping Others

couture for a cause

Choose a Singular Joy Art-To-Wear Garment.

Instead of paying Singular Joy, donate to selected charities.


Want More Information? 
Want to See the Coats in the Singular Joy Santa Fe Studio?

Call or text Sarah Nolan at:

Why Singular Coats and Jackets are Extraordinary

Unique and Distinctive: Designed and hand painted by artists, including Southwestern Native American artists. Choose your very own garment from the artist of your choice in either traditional or contemporary designs.

Versatile: Dress Up or Down…wear over a column of black to dress up for a special event or over jeans for a more casual outing.


  • Timeless classic design

  • Reversible two-in-one garment

Easy: 100% Silk fabric is comfortable in all seasons.

  • Lightweight and packs easily for travel

  • Dry cleanable

  • Fits well, as you choose from seven sizes

Fun: Talk with admirers who approach you to learn about your Singular Joy Art-To-Wear garment.

about singular joy

Sarah Nolan, the artist who created Singular Joy, learned to paint on fabric and create coats while in India. The demand for these brightly colored Art-To-Wear coats was discovered at a fashionable NYC ladies’ luncheon where, in a sea of Armani black, women swarmed her table to discover how they could get a silk coat like the bright gold painted one Sarah was wearing. As a result, Singular Couture was founded in Santa Fe, NM and grew to feature 20 artists from around the country. 
Post-pandemic, Singular Joy was founded by reconfiguring the previous company into a Couture For A Cause enterprise.

SARAH'S singular

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You’ll get to see new art coats being made in the studio as well as other artistic events and beauty in Santa Fe.

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